11 things I learned this week


No good can come from looking at your face in a 5x magnifying mirror.

Miles will still run the A/C unit in his room when it’s 67 degrees in our house.

“….Domesticated animals have inherited from their wild ancestors many physical, emotional and social needs that are redundant in farms. Farmers routinely ignore these needs without paying any economic price. They lock animals in tiny cages, mutilate their horns and tails, separate mothers from offspring, and selectively breed monstrosities. The animals suffer greatly, yet they live on and multiply.” This is why I still don’t eat much meat.

Know what’s fun? Surprising your mom for a birthday celebration weekend.

Know what’s not? Supervising the minions packing for a birthday celebration weekend.

AndrewPetersonToRelease-TheBurningEdgeOfDawn-October9th-250-July2015This is happening today! 

There are lots of good things about the NACC planning meetings each October, but the best stuff is between sessions. Aaron and Casey, thanks for letting me third-wheel with you, Teresa, thanks for being my roomie, and Wendy, thanks for the killer shoulder massage!

Facebook ads are more complicated than they’d like you to think.

Foods I would never even consider eating (I’m looking at you, cinnamon sugar pretzel as big as my face) become completely reasonable options the moment I walk into an airport.

Sometimes it’s just easier to clean up the minty-scented floor than to rescue Nina’s lip balm from Nikki’s mouth.

When I can’t run for a week, I actually miss it. A little.

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