11 things I learned this week


Nina’s table-setting skills suffer when there is the promise of seeing her friends after dinner. #dadcanwegonow #whataboutnow #dad?

One bottle of water is not nearly enough to keep me from getting The Worst Headache Of All Time after weeding my garden for three hours.

I like interviewing people.

Your Amazon CreateSpace document can look absolutely perfect and the proof will still print with errors.

Amazon CreateSpace makes me want to use all my swears.

I don’t read all of the Bible literally, but this is still an excellent point for all of us who claim to value scripture: “If you are going to accept the burden of being a Protestant, of living with sola scriptura, then you are going to have to learn to welcome doctrinal diversity.”

tableMatt and Miles will spend five hours on Mother’s Day taking my vintage table top and turning it into a potting table for gardening–and the sweetest gift ever.

If there is an article about Mad Men on any website this week, apparently I will stop doing my work and read it.

But this is the best thing I read this week.

Children do not stop leaving grubby fingerprints on cupboard doors just because they stop being preschoolers.

I want this job. (Don’t apply and make my chances even smaller, please.)

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