10 things I learned this week


I don’t need to be in at least 20% of the meetings I’m in.

It is worth every moment of making Miles’s three-layer-from-scratch-including-homemade-icing-with-a-doubled-recipe birthday cake when you see the look on his face after it’s done.

Editing is more fun with a purple glitter pen.

Going out to eat with Nina is about to get very cheap, since she insists on eating so much bread before her meal arrives that she’s too full to eat anything else. #nofoodforyou  #justkidding  #butseriously

Reading this blog might make you more creative.

Whatever marginal glamour working from home might seem to have is completely lost when your dog has flatulence issues.

I can write half of a magazine article during class changes at Back to School Night.

I will read a book, think about what it’s saying, underline things, make notes, and then three days later have no memory of most of what the author said.

Water? Not interested. Water with tons of lemon or lime squeezed into it? I’ll take 47 glasses, please.

Philadelphia REALLY likes two things: football and the Pope.

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