10 things I learned this week



This was worth waiting ten years for.

The only time you see more joggers than January 2 is the first week of cooler temperatures in late summer.

There is no such thing as “let’s just jump on the phone for five minutes.”

All “P” sounds are not created equal. (Seriously, this is interesting.)

I’m suspicious of anyone who refers to himself as “Dr.” when his only doctorate is honorary.

When someone warns me that I’ll be working with a “really strong woman” on something I always think two things: a) oh, so they’re going to be like a fairly strong guy and b) don’t worry about it.

This might come in handy.

A child will spend longer arguing (without proof) that the math packet isn’t due until Friday than it would take to just do it.

“The observance of the Sabbath is extremely beautiful, and is impossible without being religious. It is not even a question of improving society — it is about improving one’s own quality of life.” Wonderful final words from Oliver Sacks.

“The Other Bolelyn Girl” has sold millions of copies and made millions of dollars. It launched the careeer of Philippa Gregory who has gone on to write dozens of other books and make even more bank. It was published by well-known publishing house Scribner’s. And it is full, I mean multiple examples per chapter full, of run-on sentences. How am I not the editorial queen of the world?

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