10 things I learned this week

54eb64fa333bf_-_the-step-by-step-guide-to-painting-a-room-mdnI seriously think I could be happy painting houses for a living.

I could certainly do a better job than the gits who painted our living room three years ago.

There’s a lot more to the Looney Tunes ‘toons than you think. (The short video is totally worth your time.)

If I wait to feel like like running, I will never run.

Home Depot closes at 8pm on Sundays even when your hands are coated black from mulch and you just need one more bag and it’s 8:03 and COME ON.

I need subtitles to watch most British TV series.

Loaning something to Nina is basically saying, “I don’t care if I ever see or use that again.”

It is absolutely messed up that increased stress causes a hormonal chain reaction that can cause weight gain. Um, universe? Weight gain causes increased stress.

The title and warranty deed to my house, which I bought in 2009, will not be in my “very important papers” file, my 2009 file, my 2010 file, or my “house” file. It will be in a box from 2012 with wedding programs and a Skittles wrapper.

A McDonald’s secret menu still gives me no desire to eat at McDonald’s.

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