10 things I learned this week

hyu-20955191284How to add headers to one section of a Word doc and not another. How to add podcasts to our church’s WordPress site. How much I wish I had an IT genius to follow me around and do all this stuff for me.

The school will allow Nina’s all-girl dodgeball team to name themselves “Aim For The Fat Kid” but not “All Dodge, No Balls.” Standards.

I grit my teeth when I sleep. Like, to the point where I may need to sleep with a mouthguard. My already-considerable nerd quotient just tripled.

Nothing’s an accident at IKEA–including its wild success.

I have only been to four of these cities and none of these streets. That needs to change.

At some point, probably May 5th, I am going to regret the long list of things I am putting off until “after my class is over on May 4th.”

We all have the power to change the conversation.

You need at least one or twenty of the free things on this list.

You find out that Carl Sandburg Middle School’s track meets are cancelled by showing up and seeing the Carl Sandburg Middle School bus driving away.

Nikki won’t eat the food in his bowl until you put more food in his bowl. There’s a sermon illustration there somewhere.

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