10 things I learned this week



The dining room ceiling will start leaking 30 minutes before I leave on a two-week business trip.

The pace a treadmill records me running is always different from my pace on MapMyRun. Is this just me?

Women in Switzerland didn’t get the right to vote until 1971. WHAT??

THIS is why I called it the 405 for all these years.

Do I want to have a happy life or a meaningful one? It’s a tougher choice than you might think. “People whose lives have high levels of meaning often actively seek meaning out even when they know it will come at the expense of happiness. Because they have invested themselves in something bigger than themselves, they also worry more and have higher levels of stress and anxiety in their lives than happy people…..Partly what we do as human beings is to take care of others and contribute to others. This makes life meaningful but it does not necessarily make us happy.”

I can have a fever and not even know it.

Don’t rule out bad coffee.

IMG_3562When you go from a CMF board meeting to a fundraising event in Santa Barbara, the staff room gets some extra decorations #feliznavidad

Yogurt costs $7 at the Bacara resort in Santa Barbara.

really need TSA pre-check.

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