repost: an inconvenient truth

A few years ago Matt preached on Abraham and Isaac, and after the service an old lady named Dot, whose terror of water had kept her from the baptistery, stayed behind to talk to him.

“I just don’t think I could sacrifice my child,” she said, “even if it was God who was asking.” “Well, Dot, you are in luck,” Matt said with a gentle smile. “God’s not asking you to kill your son. But he might be asking you to get baptized.”

In a number of conversations over the last few weeks I’ve been reminded of our tendency to think about following God as a few huge heroic moments, when in …


the strongest links (april 11)

Our Year of No Sugar: One Family’s Grand Adventure from everydayhealth.com. I’d be tempted to do this with Matt and the kids but I value my life.

Tips for Writers by Dave Barry on miamiherald.com. “The apostrophe is used mainly in hand-lettered small-business signs to alert the reader that an “S” is coming up at the end of a word, as in: WE DO NOT EXCEPT PERSONAL CHECK’S, or: NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ITEM’S.”

Why Gay Marriage Opponents Should Not Be Treated Like Racists from The Atlantic. “On a weekly basis, I write about all sorts of civil-libertarian causes, foreign and domestic. Let me …

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