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A few months ago, a colleague asked me what my favorite writing project is, and without hesitation I replied, “My blog.” During more than a decade of creating websites, curriculum, press releases, strategic plans, and branding material for others, this has been the one place where I can write in my own voice, about the things I care about. This blog has been life-giving and life-saving and fun.

I’ve been blogging since 2006, and 11 years is a good run. But everything has a “season,” as we like to say in churchy circles, and I’ve decided this season is over. It’s time to …


body life

Last week a client asked me watch videos of their “Body Life” series of classes, designed to introduce people to the church and its culture, and suggest ways to revamp the material into¬†a shorter, more conversational video project. It was one of the best investments of time I made this month – and not just because I’ll get paid for the work.

Over the course of the five-week class, the teaching pastors and other leaders teach on Jesus’ prayer for unity in John 17 and tie this prayer for “echad” or oneness back to the Trinity and the nature of God himself. They do some of the …

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