repost: forget about forgiving everyone

Matt recently preached on forgiveness, and after the service a thoughtful guy named Eric caught him near the coffee and carbs to question his message.

“I think you’re wrong,” Eric said. “God doesn’t ask us to forgive everyone. He asks us to forgive like he does—which means forgiving anyone who repents.”

From our earliest days in church, we are taught about a God who has forgiven all people, and we are told that being a follower of this God means we, too, must forgive everyone else. But is this really true?

What the Bible says

We love to quote 2 Chronicles 7:14 because of its promise that if God’s people …


11 things I learned this week


The day we decide to go to King’s Island will be the first day of the summer that is 65 degrees and spitting rain.

The day we decide to go to a waterpark will be the second.

The day we head home will be 83 and sunny.

If you’re thinking about having a child, remember that someday you will need to teach that child to drive.

For some reason I am now getting emails from the SeniorSoulmates online dating site. There are at least two things wrong with this.

Teenagers watching TV in the living room and my husband falling asleep to the Phillies game in the bedroom means sometimes I end up working in the dark with ear plugs. We …

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