when will we all grow up?

kids-doing-adult-things-business-kidSo I’ve been re-reading re-skimming Pete Scazzero’s book “The Emotionally Healthy Church,” and was struck by this insight:

“It is not possible for a Christian to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.”

Oh, snap. OH, SNAP. Authors don’t really get mic drop moments but there’s one. THIS. This is the explanation for why people don’t seem to change, why people who have been Christians for decades are still spiritual babies. Spiritual growth requires emotional growth, and many of us are not willing or not able to do the hard work of growing up emotionally.



why them?

My latest editorial in Christian Standard:

Red Cleats Safe on BaseIn her memoir Lit, Mary Karr quotes her father speaking about the well-off: “Born on third base . . . and they think they hit a home run.”

I was born on second base, at least, and when I was a kid the game was black and white. People who don’t have jobs should get them, if you’re a responsible and hard-working person you will be able to afford a place to live, and only those with lesser character would need a hand up or a handout. I never heard things put so starkly …

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