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My latest editorial in Christian Standard:

public-speakingI’m really excited about the 2015 International Conference on Missions. One reason is the president, Jim Tune, asked me to speak. My first sermon was to 1,800 Indian teenagers in a building that could seat 600, the second was for a group of jaded New Yorkers, and now my third will be to a convention hall of a few thousand. I like to focus on easy audiences.

But I’m especially looking forward to the convention after talking to Tim Cole at the Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship and learning more about both the church planting emphasis at next year’s conference and the practical steps ICOM, …


the strongest links (november 21)


Podcasts So Good You Want to Binge Listen from The Atlantic. I have never yet wanted to listen to even one entire podcast, but this makes me want to try again.

No One Wanted to Talk about Bill Cosby’s Alleged Crimes Because He Made White America Feel Good About Race” from The New Republic. I’ve really struggled this week to reconcile my affection for Dr. Huxtable with the increasing allegations against Bill Cosby. As this piece puts it, the idea “made our heads pop off. It….made us question every single good, reassuring, optimistic thing that Bill Cosby ever made us think about ourselves and our country.” But this …

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