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Over the last year, I got to interview each of the CS contributing editors for the print and digital editions of the magazine, and then they interviewed me—definitely a new experience! If you’re a longtime blog reader, you’ll recognize some themes. I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

photo (4)Tell us who you are—not a recitation of your résumé, but what makes you tick.

My parents like to tell the story of coming to pick me up from the toddler’s room at church one Sunday morning and discovering me hiding under a crib, calmly looking out at everybody. That kind of sums it up—I’m an introvert, a bit …


VBS 2014

“Are you allergic to anything?”


“No, I think the water in my cup IS living water because it’s wiggly when I shake my hand all over.”

“Do you want red, blue, or yellow?”

“Red. Also yellow and blue.”


“Ew. I farted.”

“So now we’re going to eat our yummy yogurt parfaits!”

“Um, excuse me, do you have any cheese puffs?”

“Mr. Matt is the guy who stands up and talks a whole lot.”

“Can I take my shoes off?”

“No, because the floor’s not clean.”

“But I’m going outside.”

“Someone stuffed the sinks in the men’s bathroom with paper towels.”

“It smells like fruit snacks and sweat.”

“I’m Saul of Taurus! I mean, Tarsus.”

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