my life in texts, part 6

1113280_800_9fc66fSorry I missed your call. I was on a ladder.

Your shoes are here. Don’t you need them?

Don’t worry about toilet paper.

Where are you?
Home, downstairs.
Oh. Hi.

Excited to do this with a fever.

Stop being fun, it just makes me miss you.

I’m about ready to just stay up all night and write this sucker.

Random, but—do you like egg salad?

He talked to a girl the whole second flight but didn’t ask for her number because “I don’t want a long-distance relationship.”

We’re in the lady things department.

They’re impressed by my burn.

Took a shower and the water is orange.

I deserve friend of the year for this.

The people I live with let my car run while cleaning …


the strongest links (september 12)

pomanderwalk_11_1215 Hidden Gems in New York City from mentalfloss.com. I desperately want to live in Pomander Walk.

Here’s Where Change Begins from Christian Standard. Great insights from my friend Becky Ahlberg. “We can’t change anyone but ourselves, but one of the great strengths of the church—perhaps the “mystery” that Paul refers to in Ephesians—is the strength that comes from watching, cheering, and urging one another on to become more and more like Christ.”

The First Time The New York Times Covered 19 Famous Things from mentalfloss.com. “The latest round of feverish speculation about Prince Charles’s marriage prospects has touched off a new debate in Britain about …

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