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coloring copyI’m really liking the Biblical Preaching class I’m taking with Aaron Wymer, and I’m really not saying that to win points. It’s just good stuff. 

Last week one of our assignments was to retell a Bible story from the perspective of one of its characters; the idea was to gain a new perspective on the text by thinking about its details in a fresh way.

While this is kind of fun, it’s also a more difficult than it sounds. It’s amazing how such a simple exercise can stretch you to explore the story. Most of you preacher types were probably introduced to this idea in your own intro to preaching courses, but if not, here you …


9 things I learned this week

My dad says a day’s not wasted if you learn something. So here’s what I’ve learned the last seven days:

imagesI could pretty much live on cereal.

Even petite pants aren’t short enough when you’re 5-foot-2.

Some teams are smarter than others, for some surprising reasons.

How to upload the latest version of WordPress via Go Daddy’s FTP to a new URL. So basically what web designers learned in 2004.

It’s okay to dance in church.

That someone else thinks this: “If you are going to accept the burden of being Protestant, of living with sola scriptura, then you are going to have to learn to welcome doctrinal diversity.” …

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