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My latest editorial in Christian Standard:

1441355_700272033324942_1609131499_nScientists have told us for years there is a strong link between our feelings and the state of our stomach. The “enteric nervous system,” or ENS, in our digestive system has sometimes been called the “second brain,” and a 2013 study found that introducing different bacteria to the stomach can cause changes to our emotions.

Chalk one more up for the ancient Greeks; long before today’s research, they’d coined the word “splagna,” which roughly translates to “compassion” but literally means one’s guts. They knew that when we really feel empathy in our hearts we can also feel it in our bodies. In fact, sometimes we almost physically hurt in our deepest …


the strongest links (august 15)

buddyJesus copyJesus is Not a Life Coach on Flying Scroll. “Our faith is in our ability to control situations, manipulate them to our advantage. Or our faith is in the castle-like world we have built around us. Then when we inevitably lose that control, when our self-constructed world deconstructs, these false gods in whom we had such great faith leave us fat with fear and skinny with hope.”

Ending Presidents’ Second-Term Curse in the Washington Post. “Would the U.S. government function better if presidents were limited to one term, perhaps of six years? The unfortunate, bipartisan experience with second terms suggests the issue is worthy of debate. The …

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