changing my mind (sort of) about millennials

lazy-teenagerI planned to write a blog post complaining about Millennials.

Last week I was one of three adults who accompanied eleven kids from our church on a short-term mission trip to Chesapeake, Virginia, where we spent four days scraping walls, painting porches, trimming bushes, climbing up extension ladders, and — in my group, anyway — killing wasps with a tennis-racket-shaped contraption that fried insects on contact and was subsequently used by the boys on our crew to fry each other.

When you arrive for the experience, the powers that be divide the members of your group among a half-dozen different crews, so you spend most of the week with people you don’t know. …


an unwatched interview

I’m doing something I’ve never done – I’m posting a video without watching it first.

As I type, I’m sitting on an air mattress on the floor of a classroom at Oscar Smith Middle School in Chesapeake, VA as part of a one-week youth mission trip that began 36 hours after I returned from California. I have one hour until the blessed lights-out at 11:30 pm, which will precede a fitful night of sleep which will end at 5:30 am and be followed by breakfast in the Oscar Smith Middle School cafeteria and a kickoff prayer circle at the Oscar Smith Middle School football field and a day of power washing and painting an elderly woman’s home. Oscar Smith Middle School had better make good coffee.

So …

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