a blogging break

photo2Most social media experts will tell you that blogging is all about momentum. In fact, I have said that to others myself when asked for advice about launching a new blog. It’s important to post regularly and consistently, I’ll say, or you’ll have trouble developing a “voice” or building a following.

It’s good advice, and it’s true, but as we stumble into the new year I’m going to stop following it. This year marks the tenth year of this blog; since I started blogging in 2006 I’ve been laid off, started freelancing, moved from California to Nashville, bought a house, sold a house, married, moved to Philadelphia, …


searching for a sign

109592767_47-300x200At dinner the other night, Nina asked, “If a deaf person never hears language spoken, does he still think in words?”

Interestingly, I had just talked to Chad Entinger earlier that week about these very concepts—which had blown my mind. I proceeded to blow hers, explaining that deaf people aren’t just signing everything we’re saying, the order of the ideas may be signed differently than we would say them, and there are many different sign languages just as there are many spoken ones.

“But wait—everybody has trees. Why don’t they all have the same sign for tree?” she asked.

I shared what I had learned from Chad, reminding her that every oral …

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