big, wealthy, and white-collar. is this the only church worth serving? (part 2)

This is an expansion of a post from two years ago, reworked and published earlier this year for the “Reignited” magazine my friend Jim Tune puts together. Two years here has only strengthened my conviction that all our mission fields matter, and we need to be strategic in equipping leaders for them.

flyover-country-deborah-smithWhen I announced my engagement a few years ago, one friend wrote to say he was very happy for me but wondered if I might be squandering my talents on a small neighborhood church, and said a suburban megachurch seemed like the congregation I should be influencing as a pastor’s wife.

Matt has received similar questions from people asking why someone with two master’s degrees would serve …


the strongest links (august 22)

af5a3b49cbd85a8818303584284ce675_angryHonest letters from Kids on wimp.com. “Dear Mom, you are my favorite mommy ever. I’m sorry for calling you a piece of poo.” There are not enough superlatives for how much I love these.

Edward Snowden: The Most Wanted Man in the World from Wired. “They still have negligent auditing, they still have things going for a walk, and they have no idea where they’re coming from and they have no idea where they’re going. And if that’s the case, how can we as the public trust the NSA with all of our information, with all of our private records, the permanent record of our lives?”

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