you don’t want me to pray for you.

No, really. Trust me.

Just about every time I ask God for something, I get the opposite. In fact, it seems things go better when I don’t make any requests and just say, “thy will be done,” although, in the words of Wendell Berry’s character Jayber Crow, “After you have said, ‘thy will be done,’ what more can be said? And where do you find the strength to pray ‘thy will be done’ after you see what it means?”

I see circumstances turn out exactly how I don’t want them to so often—I pray for peace and get drama, ask for wisdom and get confusion, request guidance and get silence–that …


the strongest links (april 18)

Illiterate People of the Book from Qideas.org. “To take Biblical literacy seriously means to see God’s word as sacred and therefore different from every other word. It means allowing silence and music and other sensory experiences to fill our worship, instead of just normal talk.”

“Our preaching needs to begin and end in the stories of Scripture rather than personal anecdotes. The Bible does not need to be made interesting, relevant, or applicable by salesmanship. It is the job of the Holy Spirit to apply God’s word to our lives—not the other way around.”

“To take Biblical literacy seriously we must learn to read like poets, who are comfortable …

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