dads are single too

Today Matt is on the blog, with an article in this month’s Christian Standard that I wanted to share with my own readers. Does your church consider single dads as much as they do single moms?

“Please raise your hand if you can name three single moms in your congregation,” I said while co-leading a workshop at the 2015 North American Christian Convention. Many hands proudly shot up. Most of us can easily rattle off the names of three or four single mothers. Many can list 10 or more.

These are women we respect. They faithfully wake up early on …


buzzing off

In a few weeks, my final “Buzz” column will appear in Christian Standard.
I’ve been writing the column since 2003 or 2004, so long that I can’t remember and also can’t double-check because the first editions are on a laptop under my bed that no longer works.

Beginning in July, the new owners and new publisher of the magazine will re-launch with a new slate of columnists. Very few of us have been invited to keep writing, in fact. I’m not surprised by this, but I am a little saddened. For over a decade, the monthly deadline has been a regular rhythm of my life, …

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