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My latest editorial in Christian Standard:

A few years ago I wrote a proposal for an online initiative that would provide customizable resources for churches wanting to develop their pastors, worship leaders, campus ministers, church planters, elders, and key volunteers. I suggested an online portal with everything from 101 to seminary-level books, articles, podcasts, and videos, as well as suggested “tracks” with curated lists of resources for specific groups. I referred to research from the Barna Group and Ed Stetzer as well as insights from the leaders of Orchard Group, Stadia, and some of our megachurches to support my argument.

It was summarily dismissed. …


the prodigal’s brother

A minister friend of mine recently invited me to contribute to his church’s Lenten devotional, and I was assigned Luke 15:11-32 — the story of the prodigal son. Here’s what I wrote.

This story is probably Jesus’ most well-known parable.
In fact, it is so central to the Christian faith that it has been celebrated in film, literature, visual art, music, and dance throughout the centuries. Something deep in our souls stirs at the idea God could love us as unconditionally and unreservedly as the father in the story loves his prodigal son.

Yet when I read this story, I tend to identify more with the older brother …

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