When people discovered I was going to co-preach with Matt this past Sunday, none of them asked what passage we were studying. No one asked how we prepared or why we decided to try this. No one even raised any 1-Timothy-2-inspired objections. However, three different people asked me what I planned to wear, and only one of them (the guy) was being ironic. Apparently gender roles in the church are up for grabs as long as you look cute. Good grief.

For the record, we preached on Matthew 16:21-25. And I wore a light blue tank, dark blue pants, white cardigan, and brown sandals.

Click here for more of Matt’s great preaching.


9 things I learned this week


I’m the one on the left.

If it weren’t for the ones we made them read, neither of my steps would have picked up a single book this summer.

Lemon-lime seltzer plus Crystal Light lemonade tastes just like those pricey San Pellegrino sodas.

While running in the park near our home, if I say Nikki’s name, as in, “Nikki, STOP CHASING EVERY SQUIRREL,” a bystander might hear me and say, “Oh! Is that NIKKI???? Hi!!!!!”  He’s a celebrity.

Between writing small group study guides and ghostwriting speeches, I need almost as many illustrations as a preacher.

Neshaminy teachers make $80k plus benefits and Nina barely knows her times tables.

Experiences are rarely as bad or as good …

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