9 things I learned this week



This book is just as good the second time.

I will skip meals, push back bedtimes, and ignore my family when a book is this compelling.

There is no product on the market that can get our tub clean. Maybe dynamite.

Home Depot’s garden center is way better than the one at Lowe’s.

I’ll spend $63 at Lowe’s anyway.

As expected, I vastly overestimated the free time I’d have after May 4th.

Every project is always due the same day.

Surprisingly, delightfully, Nina and her best friend make brunch and invite Miles to eat with them when left to their own devices for the morning.

They also make a video of it.



designated giving?

offringI have trouble giving to my church sometimes. My husband is the pastor and I have an (occasionally¬†literal) front-row seat to the good things happening there, but it’s still difficult sometimes to write the check.

Here’s the thing.

I never have trouble giving $5 to a homeless person. (Judge me, whatever.)
I never have a problem buying a supply of groceries for someone struggling.
I never question whether I want to give money to My Safe Harbor, a nonprofit that is mothering single mothers and giving them the skills to live better lives.
I never regret the $38 that goes to support my 9-year-old friend Kelvin in Kenya through Compassion each month.
And …

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