10 things I learned this week

hyu-20955191284How to add headers to one section of a Word doc and not another. How to add podcasts to our church’s WordPress site. How much I wish I had an IT genius to follow me around and do all this stuff for me.

The school will allow Nina’s all-girl dodgeball team to name themselves “Aim For The Fat Kid” but not “All Dodge, No Balls.” Standards.

I grit my teeth when I sleep. Like, to the point where I may need to sleep with a mouthguard. My already-considerable nerd quotient just tripled.

Nothing’s an accident at IKEA–including its wild success.

I have only been to four of these cities and none …


single minded

My latest editorial in Christian Standard:

man-wantedIt doesn’t surprise me that Mark Thornton is single.

Not because he isn’t great—in fact, this God-loving, hard-working guy will be a catch for the right mission-minded girl. (Ladies, I have his number.) But because he’s chosen to live and work in the inner city, I guessed he was unmarried even before our phone interview confirmed it.

“I’m a single guy with no kids, so I don’t mind living with sex offenders all around me,” he said during that conversation. “But I understand when people move out or don’t want to minister here.”

I do, too, but it’s one more reason why we …

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