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god-speaks-to-moses-from-the-burning-bush-elizabeth-wang-This past weekend we went to see the new movie Exodus, which had its moments but which missed a lot more of them, including Moses encountering God in the burning bush and that wonderful conversation in which Moses says he’d rather get a tapeworm than do what God’s asking. (I’m paraphrasing.)

Instead there was this weird boy playing God for some reason and when Moses says, “Um, who should I say is sending me to do the deal with the frogs and the blood and stuff?,” this boy-God’s falsetto “I AM” is seriously underwhelming. (Really, Mr. Scott, if you need an advisor on the stuff you should for heaven’s sake leave in your next biblical epic, I’m here.)

The reason I …


the strongest links (december 12)

static.squarespaceThings That Are Shaping Us by the Forefront Church staff on forefront.com. I have read all ten of these posts, each one by a different staff member talking about the people and books and websites and ideas and prayers that have changed them this year. I’m taking notes.

The problem isn’t that life is unfair–it’s your broken idea of fairness from oliveremberton.com. Some good stuff here.

101 Free Christmas Movies, Specials, and Videos on the Web from about.com. Just for fun, and because I know your Christmas isn’t complete without Santa Clause Conquers the Martians.

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