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This is not really true.

God is teaching me not to worry by taking the stuff I get angsty about and making it happen.

Seriously. Last year before our trip to India I worried that because none of the participants had connected beforehand, all of us speaking at the youth conference would preach on the same topic. Matt prepared a message on Abraham and I prepared one about Elijah. Those were the two duplicate topics among the group.

I also stressed about us getting sick. We both did, me a little and Matt a lot a lot a lot.

I often worry about getting sick before big events. Miles gets something at least once a month, so there are plenty of …


the strongest links (july 18)

2SPUaaWDownload 78 Free Online History Courses, from Ancient Greece to the Modern World from OpenCulture.com. Just in case your nerdiness, like mine, knows no bounds.

On the other side of things, Weird Al Yankovics’ “Word Crimes” (to the tune of “Blurred Lines”) on YouTube.com. I know, everyone on Facebook has already posted it, but I’m in love. “Just now you just said you literally couldn’t get out of bed, which really makes me want to literally smack a crowbar upside your stupid head.” Oh hello YES.

What to Do When an Israeli-Palestinian ‘Peace’ is Out of Reach from the LA Times. “Peace, by definition, is compromise …

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